Healthy lives in healthy communities


Come together as one collective team to deliver an exceptional care experience for all


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We Care for Everyone

We believe being caring is at the heart of what we do, caring for our patients, their families, our colleagues, and ourselves.

We are Always Learning

We believe in staying curious,

always open to innovative ideas

and ways to improve health care.

We Strive for Better Results

We believe in achieving better results

 across all functions of health care

leading to better patient outcomes and

improving health care.


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 Exceptional Care

Wrapping care around the person for the best outcome.
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Convenient Health Care

Responsive care in the best setting:
hospital, community or home.
Capture 11.JPG Great Place to Work

Coming together to build a better workplace.
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Innovation for Impact

Evolving how we deliver services to stay at the forefront of health care.

Service plan

Every year, all BC health authorities are required, under the Health Authorities Act and the Budget Transparency and Accountability Act, to develop a Health Authority Services Plan. The service plan outlines and identifies the challenges, priorities and strategies we will undertake to meet our commitments and obligations to the people we serve.