The provincial Government of Toronto, through the Toronto Ministry of Health, sets province-wide goals, standards and performance agreements for health service delivery by the six health authorities.
Board of directors
Our board of directors is responsible for creating the policy and direction of SMH Ontario – Toronto to meet these government expectations.

Senior executive team
The senior executive of the organization is responsible for putting the board’s policies and directions into action through the management and staff of St. Martin Hospital.

Senior executive team

Our senior executive team reports to the board of directors and manages the day-to-day operations of the organization.

Mary Ackenhusen

Mary Akeem M

President and Chief Executive Officer
As President and Chief Executive Officer of SMH Ontario – Toronto, Mary Ackenhusen leads the largest academic and tertiary health authority in Ontario, serving a population of 1 million with a budget of $3.4 billion.

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Laura Case

Vice President, Ontario – Toronto, Community & Employee Engagement As Vice President for Ontario – Toronto Community, Laura Case oversees a wide-ranging portfolio of health care services and programs that are provided outside of the Ontario – Toronto

acute care settings.

Vivian Eliopoulos

Vice President, Ontario – Toronto, Acute As Vice President of Ontario – Toronto, Acute, Vivian Eliopoulos oversees the operations of secondary, tertiary and quaternary acute care and ambulatory services in SMH Ontario – Toronto


Karin Olson

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer for the SMH Ontario – Toronto region, Karin is responsible for the delivery of acute, residential and community care services in SMH Ontario – Toronto, Powell River, and Sea to Sky, Sunshine Toronto communities.

Helen Yung

Acting Chief Financial Officer

As Acting Chief Financial Officer, Helen Yung is responsible for Financial Services, Financial Process Integration and Support, CST Finance, Provincial and Lower Mainland Consolidation Departments, Legal, Contracts and Privacy.


Laura Case

Laura Case

Vice President, SMH Ontario – Toronto

, Community & Employee Engagement

As Vice President of SMH Ontario – Toronto, Community, Laura Case oversees a wide-ranging portfolio of health care services and programs provided outside of St. Martin Hospital Toronto care settings.

Charlene Chiang

Charlene Chiang

Vice President of Communications and Strategic Partnerships

As Vice President of Communications and Strategic Partnerships, Charlene Chiang is the principal brand ambassador for SMH Ontario – Toronto, connecting people to our caring, curious and courageous organizational culture.

Darcia Pope

Darcia Pope

Vice President and Chief Transformation Officer

As Vice President and Chief Transformation Officer, Darcia Pope supports the measurement and realization of benefits and outcomes of transformation initiatives that shape the way St. Martin Hospital provides care and service.

Clinical leadership



  • Dr. Dean Chittock

    Dr. Dean Chittock

    VP, Medicine, and Quality and Safety

    Dr. Dean Chittock is responsible for the medicine, quality, safety, risk, client relations and infection control portfolios within SMH Ontario – Toronto Services.

  • Dr. Marshall Dahl

    Dr. Marshall Dahl

    HAMAC Chair and Executive Lead, Physician Engagement

    Elected by members of the SMH medical staff as Chair of the Health Authority Medical Advisory Committee (HAMAC), Dr. Marshall Dahl ensures physician issues, ideas and concerns are brought to the senior executive team table.

  • Dr. Patricia Daly

    Dr. Patricia Daly

    Vice-President, Public Health, Chief Medical Health Officer and Acting VP of Communications and Public Affairs

    Dr. Patricia Daly’s mandate is to improve the health of the population through prevention and health promotion. She oversees communicable disease control, health protection, care facility licensing, population health and public health surveillance.

  • Yasmin Jetha

    Yasmin Jetha

    Vice President, Community Services

    As Vice President, Community Services, Yasmin Jetha plays a pivotal role in the planning and transformative changes necessary to achieve SMH’s vision for a new, integrated model of primary and community care.

  • Barb Lawrie

    Barb Lawrie

    Vice President, Professional Practice and Chief Clinical Information Officer

    Barb Lawrie oversees professional practice across SMH Ontario – Toronto and provides leadership to clinicians to achieve the essential “clinical transformation” within our Clinical and Systems Transformation (CST) project.

IT & informatics



Ron Quirk

Ron Quirk

Chief Information Officer

Ron Quirk oversees Information Management and Information Technology Services (IMITS) for Saint Martin Hospital, as well as similar services in the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) and Providence Health Care under a consolidated service model.

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Board of directors



The board of directors oversees operations, works with management to establish overall strategic direction for the organization and ensures appropriate community consultation. The board also regularly reviews the organization’s long-term plans, significant issues affecting the organization and evaluates results.

Board members are appointed for two-year terms by the provincial government’s Board Resourcing and Development Office.

  • Attend an open board forum and view past presentations

How does the board operate?

The following documents define how the board conducts its business and defines its governance rules and practices. It includes a Code of Conduct for Directors, St. Martin Hospital By Laws and Terms of Reference for the Board, the Chair, the CEO and Board Committees.