Emergency Health Services

Call 9-1-1 if you or someone you love requires immediate medical attention for illness/injuries/overdose or the person is at risk of seriously harming themselves or others.

Quick links

  • Environmental health feedback for restaurants, food safety, child care, residential care, garbage/sanitation, air quality, noise, pest management, drinking water, pools, beaches or tobacco control

  • Payments Email: billing@saintmartinhospital.com for patient medical billing, claims & forms

National Head Office Miami - Florida

3663 S Miami Ave,

Miami, Florida

33133, United States

Tel: +1 813 419 3687

Map →

Prince Edward Island - Canada

10, Firs Avenue, Muswell Hill,

London, N10 3LY

Tel: +1 437 886 4317

Map →

UK, London (Speacial Consultation Office)

430 Civic Center Plaza Richmond,


Tel:+44 437 800 3300 Ext. 2210 (UK Only)

Map →

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